Two Happy Boys!
Boy mom, fabric artist, and Disney enthusiast, this super fun and creative client wanted to make sure her boys had fun, engaging bedrooms to play and sleep in!
The Cars mural came first, about two years later I got to return to paint a Toy Story themed room. 
Which is your favorite?
Cultural Identity
The owner of this bedroom knew what she wanted! Born in China, it was important for this family to elaborate on their child's ancestral heritage and cultural identity. 
This was slightly challenging, as pandas do not live in the same region where she was from, but OF COURSE we had to have pandas! And cherry blossoms, and lanterns that glow in the dark. It took a bit of creative design to bring all of these different elements into one cohesive mural. But we did it! I do mean we... Stay tuned for video!
Houston, We Have Some Murals!
Minecraft and mountains, oh my! This newly married young couple with a baby on the way, was hoping to surprise their Mine Craft obsessed son with a mural.
Whelp, it worked! Kind of... He totally knew it was coming, but was definitely surprised to see it on his wall, even if Steve's axe is slightly the wrong color... 
Mom and Dad were looking for a peaceful spot to retire to. So, I painted the room a blue-grey and added to mountain accent walls, one for the crib area, the other behind their headboard.
A New Home in Nuevo Arenal
Located in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica, the goal of this project was to make the home owners feel more at home and at ease in Costa Rica. The scenery, flora, and fauna depicted in the mural are a tribute to their homeland, Venezuela.
Painting a Los Nubes y Otros
What an interesting and fun set of challenges this project presented! April in Guanacaste, CR can be HOT! So hot, in fact, that I had to research whether or not the paint would adhere to this metal container house in 39 degree celsius temperatures! Painting on such an uneven and large surface posed another challenge, especially since the total area painted was over 2,000 square feet! 
Family Mural Time in Charlotte, N.C.
My nephew loves to read. He really loves Captain Underpants and he really wanted to live in a treehouse when his parents moved him and his brothers to Charlotte, N.C.
I decided the next best thing would be to paint his entire bedroom like the inside of a treehouse! Luckily, my sister and brother-in-law also thought this was a good compromise!
And so, my daughter and I headed south to make some dreams happen! Halfway through my treehouse, and short on time, my other nephew decided he would like to sleep in outer space, so... 2 murals in 4 days... Thank goodness for good helpers and my sister's baking abilities!
Houston Hustle, Take 2!
Thomas the Train, an octopus escaping from the tub and a whimsical haven for mom. I certainly had my work cut out for me on this trip to Houston!
There are few things that I love more than the surprise and joy on a child's face when they see a mural made just for them. I loved watching the two boys interact with their new playroom. 
I got to see a very similar look on their sweet mama's face too, as she gave me free reign for an accent wall mural in her bedroom. 
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