You have nothing to fear my dear...

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Being an artist can be intimidating. We pour our experiences, vision, and creativity out onto canvas, paper, plaster, and clay for all the world to see... and judge. Somehow though, the drive to create remains greater than the risk of rejection and we keep going. We persevere.

Some of us even thrive on the stress of a deadline, the pressure of an application.

Where many of us struggle, however, is the less creative aspect of business. Whether it be pricing our work, being okay with saying no, or the actual daily minutia that comes with running any business. This is absolutely where I falter. Specifically, marketing. I have been fortunate to have been able to rely upon word-of-mouth for my career thus far. But it wasn't a full-time endeavor. It was a mechanism for me to keep my sanity in spite of the other pressures in my life. Grad school, parenting, "real jobs", those always came first. Art was my reprieve, my joy, my safe space. It was while I was seeking refuge in this space, that I discovered this SHOULD be my REAL JOB! I love working with clients and hearing their ideas. I love looking at a blank wall and knowing that I can make beauty where currently there is only potential.

So, the only logical thing to do, was to put my efforts into my passion, overcoming the many different types of fear that came with such a decision. Step one: a website. What if my images aren't good enough? What if I don't choose the right keywords? What if...? The only thing that can come from these what if's, is more excuses and procrastination. And so, today I take the plunge and try to build a good enough website. Because nothing is permanent in this world and I can always improve upon it later, but for sure it is better to have something than nothing at all.


Cheers to getting it done!

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