Maitri Therapeutics
Located in Schuylerville, New York, Maitri Therapeutics provides massage and restorative yoga services. The client was seeking to create a relaxing and supportive environment for her clients, she had this to say about the process: 
"When I moved my private massage therapy practice into a new space I turned to Kendra to bring some beauty and comfort into what felt like a rather bland space. I have always been comforted by elephants and their great, grounding presence and I was feeling the space needed some "elephant energy." I told Kendra I wanted an elephant, with just a small amount of color as an accent and took a leap of faith that, being the artist, she could take it from there. I am so glad I did. Sundar was named by a dear client, who agreed when I told her that I couldn't stop thinking how handsome my new office companion was. She looked up the word for handsome in Sanskrit  and emailed it to me. I truly don't know what I will do someday when I have to leave this space and leave Sundar behind, he is such a lovely and benevolent presence in the room.

The ocean scene in my other treatment room gets many compliments from clients. They say the space and art is very calming. Kendra is lovely to work with and her pricing is extremely reasonable. She can take a vision you have and run with it; or she can help you develop an idea. If you're considering working with her, do it. You will be so happy you did."

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Druthers Brewing Company
Albany, NY
I love a good pint as much as I love a good challenge. This project provided both! And I got to use a scissor lift for my first time... 
This mural was all about signage and street visibility. We had to come up with bold, non-confusing lettering that would be interesting, but not too decorative. People needed to be able to spot the place from the main road without having to decipher a complicated script. 
Mission Accomplished!
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Rural Soul Studios
Schuylerville and Greenwich, NY
No doubt about it, this project was FUN! I got to paint not only one location, but TWO!
The initial mural was painted in Greenwich, NY. I painted a musical scale on the wall so that students could play with removable notes on the wall, giving them a fun opportunity to learn music composition while they practiced.
The second location, located in Schuylerville, NY, is significantly larger and a constant hub of activity. We chose to incorporate images from the book Creepy Crawly Calypso, keeping the mood light and fun!
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Saratoga Paint & Sip
Latham, NY
Who says a bathroom has to be boring? This location has two that will prove you wrong!
Boss Babe Catherine provided the theme and these two bad boys went up in just one weekend! 
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The Farmers Beef and Brew
Schoharie, NY
Located on Main Street, this charming farm-to-table restaurant opened it's doors in 2019 to rave reviews. 
The facade was a bit dated, so I sanded and scraped and sanded some more before giving this old store front a new life. 
The sign was made using old barn wood and the old sign, and a beautiful new "family tree" mural was painted inside. Eventually these branches will hold the logos of all the local farmers who make this restaurant possible. 
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Mantra Wellness Therapeutic Massage & 518 Acupuncture
Halfmoon, NY
We are all rooted. The the earth, to each other, to those who have gone before us and those who will come after. It was important for the owner that the tree of life be one of the first things that clients would see upon entry. To set them at ease, to take a deep breath... The roots from this tree lead clients down the hallways to several treatment rooms. 
A final mural borrows from the undulating shapes of the roots ad adorns the community acupuncture room. 
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Nark Running & Strength
Albany, NY
Stronger, Farther, Faster. That's the motto at Nark Running & Strength. In keeping with that motto, we chose to highlight the physical manifestations of these qualities my creating a dynamic mural for this high energy space.
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